Terms & Conditions

Please find my Terms and Conditions below.

'I', 'me' and 'my' refers to Linda Woodard. 

I will only take photographs of under 16s with their parents/guardian present. 

I ask for a form to be signed for each session. This covers consent for use of images and ensures that I comply with GDPR.

I grant permission for personal/business use (whichever applies) of the digital images which you have purchased (personal use means any use that is personal and not for profit; business use means use to promote/sell your products but not to sell the image itself). I provide the images as jpegs and do not provide RAW files. You do not have permission to alter the image(s). I retain the copyright of all the images I have taken unless a separate contract has been drawn up and signed.

You may not screen shoot or download images which you have not purchased. I grant permission for you to share any posts from my Facebook page, or Instagram account, as they are, but not to save the images and create you own post. If there is a particular image which you would like to use for your profile picture etc, please contact me and it will count as one of your chosen images.

I ask for £20 payment, or full payment, in advance for any 'mini-sessions'. I ask for a payment of £20 for any longer sessions at the time of booking. These payments are non-refundable.

With regards to non-refundable payments above; should you not be able to attend the session due to anyone being ill, I am happy to reschedule the session as long as you give me a minimum of 6 hours' notice. During busy times, such as November/December the rescheduled session may need to take place after this period. I always try to be as accommodating as my schedule allows. There are also times where the weather isn't suitable for outdoor sessions, again, we can reschedule those sessions.

I will wait at a session location for 15 minutes but if you have not showed up by then, you have cancelled the session and I will keep the part-payment towards admin, petrol costs/time set up studio and lost session time. Please try to make contact me if you are running late, I always try to accommodate when I can but this is of course not always possible.

Mini sessions are suitable for up to 2 adults and 3 children, unless otherwise stated. They are not suitable for newborn babies. Children who are not yet able to sit unaided will need to be held by a parent or older sibling. Only limited props are available during a mini session, and only one backdrop used when indoors. 
Outdoor mini sessions are usually held within 15 minute's drive from Pound Hill, unless specific location has been given. 


Any bookings for newborn sessions are of course flexible due to the nature of the session, with any other bookings changes to the date/time is down to my discretion and in any case requires 4 weeks notice.

I aim to have the rough edit of your photos completed within 3 weeks of the session.

I ask that you select your photos within 3 weeks. I reserve the right to close your gallery after 4 weeks, should you ask for me to reopen it then there is a £15 admin fee to do this.

Once you have chosen your photos, and paid the outstanding balance, I aim to have the final edit done within a week.

Once your final gallery has been provided you have 2 months to download the images. After this the gallery will be closed to save up space on the server and for me to put images into long term storage, where appropriate. Should you wish for me to open the gallery again then there is a £15 admin fee to do this.

Should the price of my sessions increase from the time you made your booking, then I will keep the price as it was when you made your part-payment. However, should you keep asking for the session to be rescheduled, and we pass a year from when the session was first booked in, then the fees will change to reflect current fees.

Removal of a bruise, spot or scratch is included as standard editing. For client's who wish for enhanced editing, for editing of scars, blemishes, acne, dark areas under eyes, red cheeks, dry lips, wrinkles and fly away hairs, there is an enhanced editing pricing structure. Newborn, Cake smash and Maternity only comes under enhanced editing fees. Additional digital images are £12/£18 each depending on editing choice/availability. Any additional major editing such as removing of braces, head swapping etc start at £10 per image. Changing the colour of clothes etc is not included in the standard or enhanced editing fee. Please give plenty of time before your session to decide what you want to wear. I am happy to offer advice with regards to clothing.

Events and sessions in your home are classed as lifestyle sessions which means they will be edited with a light touch. Should you wish for more enhanced editing, or people, furniture etc to be removed, then there will be an additional editing fee.

I can not be held responsible for the quality of printing of your digital images, unless you ask me to print them for you as a separate service. If you are planning to print them in a particular size please let me know and I can edit them accordingly. You must bring up any issues with the printing company.

If your child (or you) have any special needs and/or is on the autistic spectrum, for example, please let me know beforehand. I have lots of experience in this area and the session will run so much better if I know how I can help you or your child, or if I am told of anything I should avoid saying or doing, before we meet. I want everyone to feel confident in having photographs taken and I understand the stress this can cause some families. If I know about it, then I can help and adapt.

It is your responsibility to look after your children during any session. I can not be held responsible for any damage to your clothing. Food colouring is often used in cakes and may stain clothes. This is one of the reasons why I offer outfits for cake smashes which your child is welcome to borrow. However, I have invested a lot into my props, outfits and backdrops and I ask that they are treated with care.

I can not be held responsible if anyone in your family or group does not want to smile for the camera, or decide they don't wish to participate on the day. I will of course try my best to engage everyone but my advice is that no one, especially children, arrives tired or hungry. If you decide to give them a snack during the session, then there may be photos of them chewing or with food around their mouth. Please do not give them a mobile phone to play with, or screen to watch, unless you want a photo of them playing/watching a mobile phone.


By booking with me you understand that I will chose which images I include in your gallery, from which you can make your selection.  It may be that I take images in a particular pose which I decide not to include. Not every pose and angle works for each person. I will select the best ones, as per my standards and style, for you. 

I will not copy another photographer's images. If you have something specific in mind I will try my best to set up my studio as per your request, but it will be in my style. I may also not have the exact set that you have in mind.  

It is your responsibility to take all your possessions with you when you leave my studio, however, I will of course let you know of anything I find left behind.

I do not have 'sale' periods but I do offer 10% off the session fee for any client returning within a year, providing they book a session of 1 hour or longer. This offer does not apply to events.

Lockdown Babies
I am looking for 8 babies born from 1st January 2020 until March 28th 2021 to be photographed in my studio (when government guidelines allow). To take part in this project you must also agree to share some of your experience of having a baby during COVID and for this information to be made public. The session will take approximately 2
0 minutes. I reserve the right to pose your baby as I feel works best for the project and I may require you to be in the image too, if the baby is too young to sit.
The images are taken on the understanding that I reserve the right to use them, and the information provided,  as I wish, both for my portfolio and profitable use. They may be used for sale by me as stock images, in a published book, on my website, in a blog, on social media or on public view in print, this list is not exhaustive.

The participants will in exchange be provided with one digital image as a keepsake, however, this is for personal use only and copyright remains with me. Should the participants wish to chose additional digital images, then these can be provided at £9 each. 
Taking part does not mean that your info and images will definitely be used, especially as so many applied, but you still need to agree to these terms and conditions. 

General T'c and C's as well as GDPR apply too.

Random Acts of Kindness Give Away - Sunday 21/02/2021

I am giving away a 30-minute outdoor session Gift Certificate including 7 digital images. Additional digital images are £9 each. 

- Those who wish to take part must comment 'yes, please' on my original Facebook post.

- Any comments made after 6pm on Sunday 21st Feb 2021 will not be counted.

- I can not be held responsible if I miss anyone's comment when tallying them up.

- I can not be held responsible if anyone missed the cut off time or did not see the post.

- Session is to take place after I am able to reopen at a mutual convenient date and time.

- Session must take place in Crawley (within one of the neighbourhoods).

- Session is for one household/bubble only.

- The Gift Certificate will have the receiver's name on it and can not be sold on, exchanged for cash or used towards a different type of session.

- Government Guidelines, as well as my COVID-19 procedures, must be adhered to at all times. Participants must sign my COVID-19 agreement for the session to take place.

- All general terms and conditions apply.

The aim of this give away is to give something back to a random person in our community. Although I will use a number generator to select the receiver, I have full discretion as to who receives the gift certificate.

Headshots for £1 on January 16th 2021 (to be rescheduled due to Lockdown)

I am offering a 15 minute session including 2 digital images, first come first served, for 10 sessions on this date.

- Session is for this date only (unless it needs to be changed due to new government guidelines/covid)

- Session is to take place in my studio

- Session is for past clients only, ie you must have had a previous paid for session with me.

- Session is only for people who have been made redundant during 2021 and are currently looking for work, or their small business has suffered due to Covid.

- Once the sessions are gone - they're gone.

The aim of this event it to support my clients who may have lost a main part of their family income to get them back on their feet. 

I have full discretion as to make the decision if someone is eligible or not.

Black Friday promotion 27/11/2020 until midnight 29/11/2020
I will donate 10% from any new sales made during this time to Remember My Baby. This includes 10% from any part-payments from new bookings, 10% from any sales of gift certificate and 10% from any print sales. Returning clients will still receive their 10% off the fees when they return for a session of an hour or longer, within a year.

Capturing Lockdown
Once our Government has relaxed rules around Lockdown, and we can safely move around more freely, I will be taking photographs of residents of Crawley on their doorsteps. Should they live in a flat, then the main entrance to the building would be the location.

The photographs will be taken in a documentary style so I will not provide guidance on clothing (to make it authentic), but will assist with composition to ensure the capture works well visually. The aim is to take one image as the group is and one with items personal to their lockdown such as keyworker's clothing, part of games, cookery books etc.

Each photo is to be of the family of that household only, unless someone was visiting at the time of lockdown and stayed there as a result. The images are taken on the understanding that I reserve the right to use them as I wish, both for my portfolio and profitable use. They may be used for sale by me as stock images, in a published book, on my website, in social media or on public view in print, this list is not exhaustive.

The participants will in exchange be provided with one digital image as a keepsake, however, this is for personal use only and copyright remains with me. Should the participants wish to keep additional digital images, then these can be provided at £9 each. I will be using families surnames/last names, and area, with the images, such as 'The Smiths in Pound Hill', unless otherwise specified.
I will endeavour to capture each family which has applied, however, I can not be held responsible should I not be able to do this.
General T'c and C's as well as GDPR apply too.


There is no longer a legal requirement to self-isolate if you have Covid. However, I come in contact with newborn babies, pregnant women and people with various underlying health issues and want to make sure that I minimise any risk to them. Therefore I ask that should you have, or suspect that you may have, Covid (or any other virus which is airborne or transmittable through touch), please let me know and we will reschedule your session.

Gift Certificates

  • Must have an authorisation signature to be valid.

  • Must be used before the 'valid until' date.

  • Can not be exchanged for cash.

  • Outdoor sessions are to take place within Crawley.

  • Can only be redeemed within government guidelines.

Facebook 'top fan' give way - T's & C's (suspended during COVID-19)
Every other week I will give away a £10 credit to a top fan. Although the person is initially selected randomly, I have full discretion as to who receives the credit.

The credit must be used by the selected person and can not be transferred.

The credit can not be exchanged for cash.

The credit will be applied on the final payment of any session, which must be booked in the usual way.

I have the right to end this promotion at any time.

Up to two £10 credits can be redeemed per booked session and can only be used on sessions of 30 minutes or longer.

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