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100 for the Homeless

I am taking part in '100 for the Homeless' project to fundraise for Crawley Open House by photographing 100 favourite places and landmarks around Crawley throughout May.

I have asked for residents to nominate their suggestions and if possible to make a donation to my fundraising page.

It is a rather big task but for such a  good cause. Crawley Open House is a local independent charity who have served the homeless and vulnerable for 26 years. Today they run a 24 bed high-support hostel, 4 move-on houses with 20 residents, a drop-in day centre, a crisis food parcels service and a community outreach team. No-one locally does more on the front-line to look after those who find themselves homeless or disadvantaged. 

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Camelia Walk in Worth Park-1.jpg

Camelia Walk

Worth Park

Camelia Walk is a beautiful part of the park near the entrance off Milton Mount Avenue.


Nominated: Anon

Secret Garden in Worth Park-1.jpg

Secret Garden

Worth Park

The Secret Garden is a small area in Worth Park where you will often find people reading a book, having a coffee or taking a moment to reflect. There is a bench placed here, commemorating the Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee in 2012, perfect for a minute's peace.


Nominated by: John

Steps in Worth Park-1.jpg

Stone Steps

Worth Park

Stone steps in Worth Park. 


Nominated by: Anon

Milking Cows in Worth Park-1.jpg

Milking Cows

Worth Park

The Milking Cows in Worth Park were made by sculptor Simon Groves They are a reminder of the prize winning cattle which the Montefiores kept at Worth Park.


Nominated by: James

Bench by Worth Park Lake-1.jpg


Worth Park Lake

A bench used by many to catch their breath and enjoy nature. The lake is the home to wildlife such as geese and ducks. 


Nominated by: Sheena

Cherry Blossom in Long Close-1.jpg

Blossom Trees

Long Close

Residents on Long Close enjoy these beautiful blossoms every spring.

Nominated by: Lizzie

Flowers by Worth Park Avenue-1.jpg

Grass Verge

Worth Park Ave

This grass verge is enjoyed by both pedestrians and drivers. A lovely splash of colour on your way to work.

Nominated: Anon

Heron Maidenbower Pond-1.jpg



A wonderful oasis between Maidenbower and Pound Hill, this nature reserve is the home for many birds. If you're lucky you can see both a Kingsfisher and Heron on your visit.

Nominated: Katie

County Mall Shopping Centre-1.jpg

County Mall

Shopping Centre

The shopping Mall in the Centre of Crawley Town opened in spring 1988. The initial plan was to have the centre part open to resemble a high street. However, I guess someone had second thoughts and put a roof on top of it.

Nominated: Anon

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