Printing, Ratio &Sizes

I provide most of my digital images ready to be printed as 6" x 4" photos. Sometimes there might be a few more suitable as a 8" x 10" due to the composition of the image. Although I always chose the optimal shape for your images, if you know what size frame/canvas you are planning to use, please let me know and I can crop them accordingly. Alternatively, if you are ever concerned about getting it wrong I do offer printing as a separate service.

A square image has a ratio of 1:1, ie both sides are the same size. 

A 4" x 6" (2:3 ratio) image can be printed as a 8" x 12" or 12" x 16", for example, as the ratio is the same.

A 8" x 10" (4:5 ratio) image can be printed as a 16" x 20" or 20" x 25", for example, as the ratio is the same.


Prints by Woodard Photography

If you want to make sure that you receive high quality prints then I am happy to arrange this for you. Please contact me with your specific requirements, but below are a few examples to give you an idea:

8" x 10" print on Fujicolor Professional DP II Lustre photographic paper is £15

16" x 20" Fujicolor Professional DP II Lustre photographic paper is £35

12" x 18" Canvas Tray is £175

I only print images where you have paid for the digital image first, either as an additional digital image or as part of a package.

There is a minimum order for prints of £25 + p&p.


If you decide to have them printed yourself

My printers are a small UK based family company with printing being the only service they offer. High resolution images hold a lot of digital information as my images can be over 5000 pixels on the long side. 

Printers need to be calibrated (to ensure the colours are true) sometimes several times a day and the paper it is printed on is also key in order to bring the images to life. 

If you decide to have your images printed yourself, I would avoid a business that sell food or pharmacy products as it's main service.

I recommend that you use an online photographic laboratory.

Although you may need to wait a day or two to receive your images, they are often similarly priced to 'quick print' places.

Companies such as 'River & Coast' and Nphoto have printing as their main business.

Make sure you DO NOT tick a colour correction box to ensure the images are printed as they are.

If you arrange for your own prints, wherever you chose to go, I can not be held responsible for the finished product. 

What happens if I print it in a different ratio?

Imagine the image as the shape of a table cloth, a square table cloth doesn't cover a rectangular table, and if you put a rectangular table cloth on a square table part will hang over the edge and you won't see that part of the cloth when viewed from above. Note in the images to illustrate the affect, how changing the ratio (shape) affects the composition and parts of subject has been cut off.
This is why it is best to make sure that the image is sized properly before ordering prints.

Baby Sleeping 10x8.jpg

8" x 10"


Baby Sleeping 6x4.jpg

printed as 4" x 6"


Baby Sleeping 2 6x4.jpg

4" x 6"


Baby Sleeping 2 10x8.jpg

printed as 8" x 10"


B New Watermark.png