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Capturing Lockdown


There is never a more important time to capture our world

than when it is changing.

Freezing a moment for generations to come.

The Top

When the announcement of the first Lockdown was made in March 2020, I spent the first few weeks documenting all the everyday changes it had brought us; home-schooling, no work for me, husband on furlough, painting on windows, one daily walk for exercise, lack of toilet paper... I saw my friends do the same.

We were all capturing our version of the world around us.

​However, I found it really hard to adapt to it all. Usually my days had been spent photographing newborn babies, cake smashes, families and celebrations. Now I felt, as so many others, lost and anxious.

Trying to think of a project to keep me busy, I came up with the idea of 'Capturing Lockdown'. I wanted these images to do more than show a smiling family. I wanted the images to tell their stories and symbolise their time in lockdown.

I began asking for volunteers to take part in the project and was so excited by the volume of responses I received. People wrote to me, sharing what they had been through. I read stories of sadness and grief but also of happiness and hope, a community coming together, people supporting each other and gaining new friends.

Capturing Lockdown 2.jpg

In May 2020 I started taking doorstep photographs all over Crawley, encouraging people to include something relevant to their lockdown. The project evolved and together with LPK Learning and Crawley Museum the project grew to involve every Borough in Crawley and also included places such as Crawley Open House and St Catherine's Hospice. Whilst LPK Learning collected resident's own photographs and did all the background work for our Spacehive page, Crawley Museum began collecting items from our community that symbolises this time. 


Capturing Lockdown has turned into such a wonderful and positive project, showing people from all walks of life thrown into the same crazy storm, but with such different ways of riding it out. 

A photograph captures a split second in time and, of course, things have changed for many of the people in these images. Family units as well as their interests and jobs may have changed. They may not even live in the same place two years later. However, that is exactly what 'Capturing Lockdown' was all about. A way to document and preserve our lives as we came to terms with what was happening around us during that first lockdown.

A snapshot of history! - Linda 

The Project

Photo: L Ballard

Thank you to everyone in our community who helped make this happen! 

I absolutely loved meeting all these people, some who I have seen many times since.

I hope you enjoy finding out what lockdown meant to them.

All the images on this page (and website) are subject to copyright and may not be screen printed, downloaded or saved in any way.

Capturing Lockdown is a collaborative project between Woodard Photography, LPK Learning and Crawley Museum, to bring our community together, through photography and sharing our individual stories. 

Doorstep Images

Doorstep Captures by Woodard Photography

Hanging photos.jpg

Photo: L Bear


Currently on display at Crawley Museum (until 26th March 2022) alongside images collected from residents

 by LKP Learning and various lockdown items donated to the museum. 




"We have grown so much vegetables and fruits and this lockdown has made us realise we want to have a farm. Kids absolutely love growing our own #garden2kitchen Husband has been working from home."


The Amos


"I worked through lockdown as I run an office building that’s home to keyworkers like Secamb. My daughter did her school work at her Dad’s house."


The Ballard

Pound Hill

"Both working in commercial utilities means work hasn’t stopped for us. Having the boys at home has been both a magical and challenging time, and we are in awe at how well they have adapted. We miss our family and friends so much and just hope we all can come through this safe, well and soon."


The Bartlett

Pound Hill




"I run Spotted:Crawley and have been working tirelessly in the community throughout lockdown."



"We are Broadfield Nursery CIC and stayed open for NHS and critical workers during the Corona Virus Pandemic. We also took children from other nurseries which had closed so their parents could work in the fight against Covid 19."


The Clarke

Pound Hill


The Burman Family
Pound Hill


Open House

Three Bridges

"Crawley Open House has remained largely open during the Covid-19 crisis. The hostel has housed 24 residents (2 less than usual due to social distancing requirements) and our 3 move-on houses were full with 12 residents. The day centre has had to partially close, to all except those in dire need of help. Those who usually rely on the day centre have been largely dealt with on the phone or on their doorsteps.

Nearly 100 people have been temporarily accommodated locally by Horsham, Mid Sussex and Crawley Councils, and we have been helping to feed and care for them alongside our friends at Giving Back Crawley. Crisis food parcels have been given out to those who need them by a variety of agencies, including COH, in conjunction with the Easter Team and St John’s Church Crawley."


The Coleman

Langley Green

"My children were 7 years, 2 years and 1 month old when lockdown began so I was very busy with them. My partner provided emergency assistance and was working from home. He was the only one who went out shopping, for example. We had their daily dose of exercise rain or shine!"


The Clilverd


"I work for the NHS as a school nurse Assistant but as the schools were closed, I was redeployed to a local hospital to support staff. Both of my boys were at school and my husband worked from home."


The Elkington

Gossops Green

"I am the Caretaker at The Holy Trinity School and have been here since 1986. We have had keyworker’s children here and they were making fun of me as I keep telling them to socially distance “2 Metres”! So they gave me a 2 metre long birthday card."


The Denham


"Our son was born before lockdown but at 17 and a half weeks, he has now spent the majority of his life, so far, in lockdown."


The Elliott

Pound Hill



Pound Hill

"I am a social worker at East Surrey Hospital and a single mum to Tom (12), Flo (10) and Joey (7). Flo and Joey each had lockdown birthdays with videos sent to them from their family and friends. Our neighbours came out to sig Happy Birthday from their doorsteps. We have been lucky to make new friends in our neighbours whilst locked down."


The Ford/Cowlard

Pound Hill

"Shielding our vulnerable 10 year old and writing the joke board!"

The Gardner


"We have both been working and Penelope has been home doing all sorts of crafts, painting, drawing and garden play!"


The YMCA DLG Crawley Foyer
West Green

"YMCA DownsLink Group is a registered charity working across Sussex and Surrey to provide a variety of services and projects to the local communities.

Children, young people and families are at the heart of YMCA with a focus on the needs of young people who find themselves on the fringes of society and need support.

Our work covers a wide range of areas including accommodation, general advice sexual exploitation, mental health housing advice, young offenders, youth clubs, childcare, counselling, mentoring, alternative education and apprenticeships.

YMCA Crawley foyer supports 40 young people in housing crisis and inspires them to make positive changes to their lives by helping them with housing and employment opportunities.

During lockdown, our young people and staff adapted very quickly to huge change and we continue to be bowled over by their resilience, energy and positivity."


The Gupta/Raos Family

"We had family staying at the time of lockdown, so they stayed throughout this period. My husband took a career break to complete his MBA project. Children bonded with each other and grandparents during nursery closure. I worked from home and did online shopping. Not going to playgrounds was hard."


The Guest

Three Bridges

"We built a shed, log stove and raised border. Also grew vegetables from seeds for our allotment as well as germinated and grew loads of flowers!"

The Harod/Davey/Malli


"Paul works for community transport and has continued working throughout, taking children to and from school (children of other keyworkers). Alex had his 13th birthday during lockdown."


The Harvey

Furnace Green

"Graham works away on a ship but we were fortunate enough to have him home for the whole lockdown period. As a teacher turned teaching assistant, I (Cherie) had to go into school and look after key worker children a couple of times."

The Hambly


"I spent my maternity leave in lockdown – very different to my first Maternity leave!

Husband worked from home. Juggling childcare and work! Loved spending time with the family though."





"The impact on the aviation industry meant after 12 years of employment at Gatwick Airport myself and Richard sadly took redundancy from our jobs and have spent lockdown focusing on home schooling. The children have missed their friends but have worked incredibly hard and their teachers are leased with what they have achieved.

Dad (grandad) has continued working, once safe to do so, at Dennis where he builds parts for buses distributed across the world and I have recently joined mum (grandma) working for the NHS, which she has done for as long as I can remember. Richard has secured a new job which he is looking forward to, starting later int he year. There have been lots of changes but we have built a strong new routine together."


The Hilborne

Pound Hill

"My husband is a keyworker (bus driver) and I am a carer for my mum who has alzheimers."

The Holmes

Pound Hill


The Howard/Kamali


"There has been great community spirit in Crawley. Everyone helping each other out by offering support, shopping etc."




"We did not have a garden so the woods became our best friend during lockdown. We went exploring for an hour every day which gave my eldest a chance to learn to ride a bike."


The Hull


"Our oldest learnt how to ride both his balance and pedal bike"

The KirkhamFamily
Pound Hill

"We have stayed in Lockdown together. Just the girls and I. My partner is a keyworker and has been exposed to the virus on many occasions. As a result, we made the decision to stay in separate houses throughout, staying as safe as possible. I am also a part-time teacher who has been working from home. As hard as this time has been, many special memories have been made. Time Together!"


The Jenkins

Pound Hill

"We work full time in learning and finance, so our jobs became much busier in lockdown, not less! Homeschooling an 8 year old as the same time. 

On the 1st April one grandparent passed away abroad, so we had to learn to grieve from a distance.


I (Trish) managed to get to Spain to be with my mum and help her find some solace and closure. It meant leaving my family behind for three weeks to fend for themselves and deal with work, school work, the house and house sale! We were in the middle of selling when lockdown hit."


The Lang

Gossops Green

The Khan Family

"As a family we have had a difficult time during the lockdowns. I lost my brother in April from a stroke, he was 55 years old. He was a well known person in Crawley loved by many for his kind and honest character.  He was a beacon in our family and we miss him everyday.  We lost uncles, aunties, family friends not only in the UK but also in Kashmir mainly due to Covid 19. 

My brother is buried at the Little Tree Cemetery in Broadfield, we visit frequently, we say a prayer, we cry and we reflect on our lives with those that have passed. 

It’s painful but this is part of the reality of the life we belong in. 


In some ways this past year has made me a stronger person and more focused on what life is meant for me now and in the past. Spending quality time with family, talking, discussing and realising that life is to be lived and that everyday is a gift. 


Being part of the Kashmiri and Pakistani community of Crawley I have started to reconnect with extended family members who are all going through emotional roller coasters.


Routines have been broken, over the fence conversations have started, zoom meetings with various community groups, giving food parcels to the elderly and homeless, making calls and knocking on doors then stepping away from the ones we love and care for. 


Our back garden door has become the front door, guests come in sit on camping chairs and garden furniture, social distancing, deliveries  of sand for the kids and soil for the garden and books from amazon for me and mobile accessories for my husband. 


We are mostly at home except for our daily walks in the parks where I do fb live videos to my family and friends all around the world  and take photos of the trees and sunsets.  I have started writing poems and short stories as it's a way for me to express my feelings. I am still involved in my community activities via zoom calls and want to do a lot more for Crawley. 


We play ludo and a game called caroom at home with the kids so we have a family activity to do.

Rayhan and Fatima have school homework via google classroom, they enjoy their work but difficult maths or a hard spelling then tears and words such as “i hate homework” would ring all around the house.


My husband Mazhar spends days at home no work for him, gives him a chance to touch up walls with paint, to fix switches and clean windows amongst other tasks. 


I have changed as a person and I hope for the better."


The Kirkpatrick Family
Pound Hill

"Dad has been working from home the whole time, in his home office. Mum is a Secondary School Teacher so taught remotely as well as home schooled the two girls who are 4 and 7. The girls were superstars at learning and have gained as well as lost."

The Fisher Family
Pound Hill

"Helen (mum) is a health visitor for the NHS and worked mainly form home but saw some clients (wearing PPE) and helped a baby clinic for vulnerable babies (in PPE). Jim (dad) was furloughed and used the time to completely gut the bathroom and fit a new one! Ellie worked from home and ben completed his college course liaising with tutors online. He was furloughed from his part-time job. Teddy (the dog) had loved having everyone at home!"


Le Feuvre


"I was in lockdown with my disabled husband, who unfortunately was unwell on the day of our photo. I spent my lockdown time on ‘Houseparty’ with family, and fundraising for St Catherine’s Hospice (skipping) and for Open House (Stair lops)."


The Lampey

Pound HIll


The Lee


"Our daughter was born during lockdown and is 12 days old in this photo. No one has yet been able to meet her outside of our household."


The Madel


"The sunshine and playing in the back-garden has kept us all going!"

The McDonald/
Stoffberg Family

Pound Hill

"We have kept working throughout lockdown, but where possible worked from home. There has been a lot of baking and many barbecues in between homeschooling. As we have keyworkers in the family, our daughter could return to school before they broke up for the summer."


The Orozco Family
Forge Wood

"We have both been working from home whilst homeschooling the children. We have been jumping in our trampoline too!"

The Saraw/Dhaliwal Family
Pound Hill

"Mummy has been working and baking. Daddy has been working, homeschooling and gardening, as well as lit many barbecues. The kids have been home schooling and riding their bikes without stabilisers! They have also been playing cricket. 


Grandparents were visiting from Australia when lockdown started so they have been stuck here with us! They have spent lots of time with their grandchildren and also done loads of gardening."

The Pyett 

Forge Wood


The Pearson


"Dad is PCSO for Surrey police and I (Mum) am working from home as a NHS Bed Manager."



Pound Hill


The Smart


"We have walked/run

367 miles"

The Stevens

Gossops Green

"I am currently pregnant with my second son so the pregnancy experience has been a little different this time due to lockdown. We have both been working from home and caring for our 3 year old without access to childcare."


St Catherine's Hospice

"Our team continued o provide expert care and support to locally terminally ill people and their families throughout the coronavirus pandemic. We provided hospice support on our wards, in peoples homes across the community, and vis virtual exercise and wellbeing programs. 


We kept the hospice open to essential visitors, putting in temperature checks to keep everyone safe, but allowing patients and those closest to the to spend time together at a time it’s needed most. We were also incredibly grateful for generous support of our community during this time."


The Tarrant


"I have been looking after my dad during lockdown and as I make my own bread, I had difficulty in getting bread flour. I could only get 16kg bags of flour so I decided to make bread for us and our neighbours."



"Lockdown has been a busy time! I am a Doctor and have been working full time in a GP practice during the covid pandemic and also took on some extra work at hospital to help out at this time.


My husband has been full time daddy to our two kids, aged 3 and 1, during the lockdown! He is a pilot and so has been off work for a few months now due to there being no flights from Gatwick. 

They've kept him busy and he's done a great job of keeping them entertained with lots of activities and daily walks! Ava started walking in the early part of the lockdown too!"

The Wells


"I run CJ’s Family Café with my sister but unfortunately, we had to close down during lockdown. My husband is a postman and has kept working whilst I have been homeschooling our son. I have enjoyed saying hello to friends from my doorstep as we live next to a busy path, but it has been really tough not being able to see friends and family properly."


The Wilson

Three Bridges

"Our son had to do his Year 10 school work at home o the computer and some of his lessons were on youtube and zoom."




The Wilkins/

Pound Hill

"I have been working at Acorn Court Carehome as well as tried to home school the children."



"I have spent this time de-cluttering my flat. I have 3 large boxes for St Catherine’s Broadfield charity Shop when they re-open. I re-potted 40 pots on my patio and read books. I spoke to my son, daughter, grandchildren and great grand children on Skype."

The Woodard

Pound Hill

"As we went into lockdown I had to close my photography business and my husband was furloughed. The positive side of that was that he did a lot of DIY! We have both been busy homeschooling our oldest and doing our best to prepare the younger one for his school start in September. 


I am a volunteer photographer for Remember My Baby ( a charity which provides remembrance photography to parents who have lost their babies before, during or soon after birth) but we had to stop that during lockdown. To still be able to help these parents I applied, and passed the process, to become a digital re-toucher as well.

I have missed my family back in Sweden terribly, but we have been in regular contact so my boys have keep their special bond with my parents. My husband and I made time to work on some music together (we were both in bands in our youth and hubby still is) and the boys joined in with shakers and a children’s keyboard which makes the most horrific sounds! We have counted ourselves very lucky to have a garden and each other. Our boys have provided hours of entertainment in the form of their own ‘music and dance shows’."

Looking Back

"We were so grateful to

have been a part of this project! Congratulations - a really inspired look at life during lockdown"

"Oh Linda, this is just amazing made me quite emotional"

"Thanks for letting me be a part of it xx"

"It was great to be part of it love our picture thankyou"

"Wow, it brings it all back"

Locking Back

"Thank you very much for your wonderful pictures. We were so pleased to be part of the lockdown exhibition. 

We have realised how much weight we have both put on.

Next step Diet"

Music by D Woodard


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