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Most of us have things we don't like about our appearance but they are also the marks that make us who we are. However, as it goes, spots have a way of turning up at the most inconvenient times and I am happy to remove these in edits. Working as a digital retoucher, has helped me to understand the relationship between textures, shadows and light as well as the colours in a photograph.

I use a technique called frequency separation for enhanced editing which means I can edit the texture and colouring of an image separately, before blending them again. This is time consuming as each detail is worked on separately, but the result is that the images still keep their texture which is often removed when using filters. It also mean that each image is individually assessed as to what is required.  


Removal of a bruise, scratch or a spot is included as standard editing. For clients who wish for enhanced editing, for editing of scars, larger blemishes, acne, dark areas under eyes, red cheeks, dry lips, wrinkles and fly away hairs, there is an enhanced editing pricing structure which starts at £18 per image. Newborn, Cake smash and Maternity only comes under enhanced editing fees.


Any additional major editing such as removing of braces, head swapping etc start at a further £10 per image.

You can see the difference between enhanced/standard editing here.


When it comes to children I do not alter anything which is permanent such as scars and birthmarks, but I am happy to remove temporary marks such as bruises, chicken pox marks and teething redness around the mouth. I am also happy to remove flaky skin from newborn baby shoots as well as milk spots, and even out jaundice or red patches.

Please contact me for specific requests.

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