Giving Back

By booking a session with me you are indirectly supporting the many causes I support.

Giving back to our community has always been very important to me. Growing up, we had foster children living with us so I was aware from a young age how lucky I was and how important it is that we all do what we can to help others. Whether it's holding a door open, shopping for an elderly neighbour or volunteer our time for various causes, it's about being part of a wider community.

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I am lucky to be able to use my photography in many ways to support causes close to my heart. In addition to being a volunteer photographer for Remember My Baby, Last year I gave away 10 studio sessions (including images) for raffles to raise money for various charities. I raised over £500 for Ebonie's Journey through 'Vintage Mini-Sessions' and volunteered my time to take and edit photos for a local school with all fees going towards new school equipment. 

I have supported Giving Back Crawley by taking photographs to highlight their need for a permanent location to feed their homeless customers as well as taken photographs on behalf of Crawley Open House during their event 'Big Crawley Sleepout'


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