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Personal Information Policy - GDPR

All the photos you see in a studio setting on my website, social media and printed material have been used with consent by the person (or parents of children) in the photos. I will never use any images without current consent. Consent can be withdrawn at any time, however, in the case of printed material it would mean that the images would not be used on a new print run. With stock images once someone has purchased an image they have the right to use it.

Personal Data I Collect

During the course of dealing with any client I will collect:
- your name, so I know what to call you

and might collect
- your phone number, so I can communicate with you regarding your booking and/or photographs

- your email address, so I can email you details of where to find your online photo album and password
If I am running a specific project such as 'Capturing Lockdown' I may collect additional information which I will inform participants of.

How I Collect And Keep Your Personal Data

If you have decided to contact me via email, mobile phone, Facebook or through my contact form on this website then you will have passed on a way of me to contact you. I will respond too your query and if I don't receive any acknowledgement I may send you a follow up message. However, if for some reason you still don't respond then I will leave it at that. Your method of contact will still be visible for me on Facebook, my website etc, but I will not contact you again.

The consent form I ask you to complete doesn't hold any sensitive data, however, I keep these forms in a secure place.

The photos I take of you will be stored on my laptop and backed up onto a hard drive which is also kept in a secure place. I also used a cloud based back up system. I will have given your booking a reference number and your photos will be filed under this reference number so there is no direct link to the consent form you completed. Once I have finished editing your photos they will be stored on my hard drive and the cloud based back up system, and for a while in the password protected album on my website. I will keep a copy stored on my hard drive for a minimum of 6 years, which might be useful to you should you accidentally delete your photos.

How I Use Your Data

When I upload your photos to your password protected album on my website I do use your first name. 

I will ask you to sign a consent form to be as transparent as possible as to any possible uses of the photographs I have taken. You can then decide what to consent to. I will only use your photographs to promote my business if 

a) I  feel they add to my current work 

b) you have agreed to it.

Some photographs may be suitable for me to sell via 'stock images' but again I would never do this without prior consent. IF you have agreed to this, once the images have been sold I can not retract the sale but I can removed them from further sales.

On the consent form I will give you the option to be contacted, by email, if I am running any specific events or promotions. Even if you have agreed to this I would generally only contact you if I believe the event/promotion is something you would generally be interested in.

I don't run 'sales' or weekly news letters (as I frankly there's not enough time in the day) so you would not be bombarded with 'weekly specials'.

Many clients come to me for photographs of their first born and we often start talking about babies and how to deal with various issues. Now and then I receive follow up questions about baby lead weening or similar. In these cases I will respond to you and therefore use your chosen method of contact outside of the area of 'Photography'.

Right of Confirmation, Access, Rectification and Erasure

As I am a sole-trader I am the owner, the photographer, the receptionist, the admin assistant, the tea maker and the DPO (Data Protection Officer). So if you have any questions or concerns about your particular information. Please just contact me and I will happily discuss any concerns with you.

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